Visual Arts

Children as young as three years old participate in the Visual Arts program in the Lake Drive Program. They are exposed to a variety of innovative techniques derived from sensory-based learning that allows them to understand and explore the elements and principles of art.

Early Childhood

Fun and unique lessons, incorporating various materials and media, are created through the utilization of themed storybooks. The specificity of each storybook is guaranteed to meet the cognitive needs of each class. Each lesson is modified to meet the needs of all students based on differentiated instruction. Additional goals, such as occupational needs, are also incorporated into the lessons, when required.

When appropriate and manageable, lessons are tied to classroom curricula. Students are exposed to artists and their techniques. Exploration of the elements and principles of art are introduced and implemented through activities that incorporate the senses.

Elementary Art

Students continue to explore the function and purpose of the elements of art and principles of design, through the use of storybooks, films and Internet-based sources, to enhance imagination.

Students explore various works of art and art mediums while gaining knowledge of the similarities and differences between them.

High School

Our students:

  • Create unique and individualized artwork based on the exploration of art through the different time periods.
  • Discuss the elements of art and principles of design that are found within the various artworks in each time period.
  • Discuss the common themes that exist in artwork from a variety of cultures across time.
  • Explore various artists as well as artists with disabilities.
  • Explore and discuss various careers in the Art and Design industry.
  • Develop portfolios.
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