Pre-School Programs

Lake Drive provides an auditory/oral option for pschool children with hearing loss. The auditory/oral program is dedicated to the development of listening, speech, language, literacy and communication so that students can function competitively within the hearing community. Daily classroom instruction consists of academically and linguistically rich lessons specifically designed for the level of the students. The students are taught to maximize the use of their residual hearing through the utilization of hearing aids or cochlear implants in order to learn spoken language.

A team of trained paraprofessionals and other support service providers compliments our highly qualified professional staff.All staff receives comphensive training in the latest developments in technology and strategies for enhancing children's listening, speech and language development and learning. Staff has up-to-date knowledge and skills for working with children with hearing aids and cochlear implants. The auditory/oral classrooms are of sound structure and provide the conditions necessary for optimal listening environments. Each classroom is equipped with a DAI (Direct Audio Input) FM system as well as a portable sound field system. The Lake Drive state-of-the-art audiological diagnostic testing center has the capacity to program cochlear implants.

The school has a comphensive academic program that is enhanced by allied subjects including art, music, library and physical education, which the pschool children attend. All classrooms in the Lake Drive Program, including the pschools, have SmartBoard technology and a high ratio of computers to students with access to computer-assisted learning opportunities.

Services Available to Children 3 - 5 Years of Age

  • Summer program
  • Physical therapy
  • Counseling
  • Auditory/Verbal Intervention
  • Occupational therapy
  • Intensive auditory training and auditory learning- classroom and individual
  • Individual and small group instruction based upon the child's Individual Educational Plan
  • Intensive language and speech training 4-5 times per week/ 30 minute sessions
  • Educational instruction based on individual needs within an auditory- oral classroom
  • Diagnostic and consultative services in: clinical audiology, psychology, occupational therapy, physical therapy and speech/ language/ listening intervention

Mainstream Program

  • For those hearing impaired students who are linguistically, academically, socially and emotionally able, a mainstream educational program supervised and implemented by the Lake Drive Program is available.
  • Our Ivy Hall program offers pschool and early elementary inclusion classrooms combining community children and children with hearing loss in the Lake Drive building.

Services to Parents

  • pschool Children
  • Evening family education meetings
  • Individual parent counseling
  • Socialworker-led group parent information meetings
  • Home-school communication log


  • Principal
  • Physical Education Teacher
  • Supervisors of Instruction
  • Fully certified Teachers of the Deaf
  • Classroom teacher paraprofessionals
  • School Psychologist
  • Consulting Clinical Psychologists
  • ASHA certified audiologists
  • Occupational Therapists
  • Physical Therapists
  • Computer Specialist
  • Art Teacher
  • MSW certified social worker - bilingual services available
  • Consulting specialists in other areas, as needed
  • ASHA certified speech and language pathologists with specialization in language, speech and auditory habilitation
  • Certified Listening and Spoken Language Specialists
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