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Children who are deaf or hard of hearing must be given every opportunity to communicate effectively. Effective use of residual hearing plays a crucial role in the communication process. Maximizing the hearing-impaired child's use of his/her remaining hearing requires a substantial commitment of time, energy, and resources on the part of the school. Lake Drive School has made that commitment and offers its students the services of an on site educational audiologist.

The Lake Drive Program provides comprehensive audiologic evaluations, including pure tone and speech audiometry, otoacoustic emissions, tests of middle ear function, electro-acoustic analysis of hearing aids, real ear measures and extensive auditory speech perception measures.

Assistive listening devices, including personal and sound field FM Systems are available to all students able to derive benefit from them. Cochlear Implant speech processors, hearing aids and FM Systems are monitored in each classroom on a daily basis and a cumulative record of device function is maintained for each student.

Extensive training is provided to the Lake Drive staff and faculty, in order to insure that each classroom team is familiar and comfortable with all equipment and the daily monitoring process of the equipment. Each classroom is equipped with all supplies necessary to complete the daily assistive listening device system check and initiate troubleshooting when needed.

It is the goal of the Lake Drive Audiology Department to ensure that our students are given every opportunity for successful communication, including effective use of residual hearing.