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Physical Therapy

Physical Therapists in the Lake Drive Program, as in any educational setting, work with children's physical needs that may limit their ability to receive an education. We evaluate a student's ability to access the entire school setting (classrooms, lunchroom, bathroom, gym, playground and the bus) safely and efficiently. Physical Therapists assess students by administering and interpreting tests and measurements of neuromuscular, musculoskeletal, cardiovascular, respiratory, and sensorimotor functions. Our goal is to assist students in developing their gross motor skills for mobility and stability to allow them to function at their best in school. Our program includes comprehensive and free diagnostic evaluations in addition to screening programs.

Physical therapy is available to every student via one or more of the following delivery models:

  • Direct Intervention is provided in either individual or group sessions
  • The location of the intervention is determined by the task requirements
  • Therapy may occur in the OT/PT suite or, in cases where practicing targeted skills in a natural context will enhance performance, integrated into the classroom routine.

Consultation with all support staff is an integral part of any student's PT program, including adaptations to the learning environment. Monitoring of a student's continued sensory and motor ability to meet the expectations of the educational placement is provided. Home programs are developed and instruction provided.

Adaptive equipment needs are assessed for all students. These include appropriate seating as well as any materials that may enhance educational performance skills.

The Physical Therapy department collaborates with the Physical Education teacher for improved participation for all students during physical education classes.

Our highly trained and licensed Physical Therapists have specialized training in deafness and neurodevelopmental therapy. Advanced training in sensory integration, curriculum development and baby treatment are additional skills, which set our team of physical therapists apart from other schools.

Our staff offers therapeutic intervention services during preschool, elementary, middle, and high school.